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Math TP Captions

Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you meet whenever, mathematics pervades life. From the simplest of measurements to cooking to biomechanics and up to the cosmos itself, the symbols and concepts and principles that make math work make life work the way it should, and without it, the world falls apart. Mathematics is more than just a study of numbers; it is the constitution upon which all other endeavors abide.

But it can be easy to get lost in the numbers and even fall asleep when math is discussed in a school setting, or even outside it. [Studies have shown that interest in mathematics vary wildly per person; still others are weak at it. And you can’t blame them; past the fundamental operations and basic geometry math can get too complicated for normal, ordinary conversation and certain lines and types of work.] Still, math pervades life, and whether you’re a cashier or a physician or bus driver or land surveyor or even just a street dweller drinking some beer, the hand of math helps drive every action.


Take for example, baking cakes. Between measuring ingredients and baking time and frosting and icing the cake, [even up to slicing it—formulas and patterns are present in every step of the process of baking a fine cake worth eating, and these considerations are key to maximize the enjoyment of every slice.] All cuisine needs math to translate food ideas into beautiful works of art, delectable, flavorful, making you ask for more.

Mathematics is also needed in creating watches. From the metallurgy to the design of every cog and gear, mathematics provide the ground rules that help watchmakers and horologists create devices that tell time. In fact, time itself iis facilitated by math. Every second of every hour of every day is measured exactly and accurately to keep air traffic in check and control passenger arrival and departure. Car racing teams use time to make setup adjustments depending on how much power and how much downforce is needed at all points of the track. Most every statistic needs a time variable, and mathematics helps solve the problems time presents.


You can see mathematics at work in sports as well. The use of sabermetrics in baseball revolutionized the way teams choose players, and modern basketball reporting is replete with all sorts of stats that help compare one player to another and determine how dire the chances of winning are for an underdog. Something as simple as running one hundred meters or jumping as high as you can or as exacting as gymnastics or diving [requires a mathematical understanding that will aid in separating those who win medals and those who don’t.] The rise of eSports is facilitated by the power of math, from creating the game to organizing the sport, and without it, [professional gaming will be even more difficult to follow. In fact, all of sport will be hard to understand if you at least do not know how much of a lead one team has on another.]

These examples focus on how math is effective on particular fields, but we’re not even close to scratching the surface of what math can do. It is our most wonderful and effective tool to understand anything, [from mirrors to concrete to electing representatives, up to the universe itself,] and its hand molds and shapes the world in every way imaginable. Money makes the world go round, but without math, not even the simple act of dispensing change for a purchase can be done, much less the stock market. Math pervades life. Respect it, study it well, and you will be able to use it in the best way possible.

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