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For Tiger Radio

Huh. Well, I reckon this is as good a time as any. I’ll strive to keep this brief.

The first takeaway I had after one semester here in UST was this: I can keep up with this level. Even if I missed the first week, I was able to catch up and contribute significantly as the weeks rolled on. Nothing seemed too difficult and I didn’t feel like I was out of my element when it comes to tasks.


Another remarkable thing that happened is that I was able to get along with a large part of 1CW. Initially, I had reservations because this block is unlike the one I had in STI—they are much better off and have stronger bonds with each other. But they’ve been such darlings, the whole lot, and I couldn’t be more satisfied to have classmates as brilliant as they are.

Biggest disappointment: not being part of a club. Admittedly that’s because I couldn’t afford club fees at the time, but other than LITSOC I was affiliated to no organization.


Highest achievement: Berry Awards 2nd prize for flash fiction. It netted me a nice book and some vindication that I can write better if it’s about something I know and truly passionate about.

That’d be all.

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