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EAD Class Log [21 Feb. 2020]: "Stuff You Won't Hear In Elevators"

None of this felt right. Elevator pitches are supposed to be short, succinct, and must lead into an actual meeting. Instead, most of the students made speeches that felt too much like ad copy being read aloud, motivational speeches meant for a different gathering, or show & tell. Things that one wouldn’t hear in an elevator while you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with upper management.

Part of the apprehension stemmed from my end. I mucked about after I wound up with a totem for a pitch I didn’t think of and prepare for as thoroughly as another pitch. Had I been able to run the pitch for Battle Gear 5 Revolution, it probably would have set a precedent; a template for them to follow. Instead, I was a choppy, shaky mess that wouldn’t last in this class, much less an actual ride to the CEO’s office (and I practised in an actual elevator!). I was unable to meet my standards. Disappointingly, I was unable to pass the professor’s rubric [UPDATE 22 Feb: I passed the rubric?! They’ve gone mad!]


And it’s that disappointment that bled into my outlook every time I heard every performance in front before mine and since. Something was wrong. They were taking too long! They weren’t selling me and the rest of the audience on what they have. They weren’t asking anything tangible by the end. The execution was dodgy, too—I taught Kate how elevator pitches worked and she froze in front, forgetting her lines. Worst of all, I thought the professor never really planned this activity very well. Without a demo for students to emulate, they winged it, treating the exercise like just another speech—a massive error.

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